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Scarlett Johansson Does Paste

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Scarlett Johansson Does Paste

Post  bening on Tue Mar 24, 2009 7:53 am


magazine has the lovely and off the market Scarlett Johansson as their
cover girl. The magazine got right down to the real talk and asked the
gorgeous actress about her professional and personal influences.
Scarlett reveals that she feels like she has five dads: Woody Allen,
Bill Murray, Tom Waits, Barack Obama and Bob Dylan. According to the
mag Scarlett was most passionate and animated while she spoke of
Barack. Here's what she had to say:

On Bill:
was difficult working on that film. First of all, I was 17, and I was
going through my own shit—graduating from high school and figuring out
what I wanted, what was important to me, finding my independence. I was
in Tokyo, which was totally foreign to me, and I was working insane
hours. It wasn’t like Bill and I had so much in common that we could
have this great personal relationship. We were at totally different
stages in our lives, and I don’t think he was necessarily so fascinated
by what I was going through. But we were fortunate that we had a lot of
chemistry between us.”

On Woody:
very modern in his way of thinking and has a great enthusiasm, a hunger
for what he does. I think part of that is nervousness about the passing
of time, a sense that this life is not enough. He’s just so full of
ideas, and it’s inspiring to see somebody who’s in the autumn of his
life but hasn’t lost any of the passion for storytelling. We talk a lot
about relationships, whether it’s people that are together intimately,
or friends, whatever—how people are with one another. He’s fascinated
by human nature, and so am I.”

On Tom:
first it was like, ‘What this weird music that your dad listens to?’
But Tom Waits’ music somehow oddly appeals to a kid because records
like Small Change have that circusy, carnival-act vibe. The songs are
very cinematic. I think as a kid I was attracted to that in the same
way I loved “Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite!”—one of my favorite
Beatles songs. It really lets a kid’s imagination take flight.”

On Barrack:
been so exciting to get out there and talk to kids—and I say ‘kids’
meaning my peers—about why I appreciate Barack. He’s confronting
health-care issues that affect young people. You know, most of my
friends don’t have insurance. They’re working as photo assistants and
stuff like that. These kids on the campaign trail asking questions,
they are so well-informed. They’re asking really specific policy
questions. It impacts whether they decide to vote for Clinton or Obama,
or decide to register as independent or support McCain. They have real
concerns, and they want answers. I love that part of it. So that’s a
whole other aspect of this life that’s been fun and inspiring.”

On Bob:
been fortunate enough to never be the biggest media sensation. I’ll do
anything to avoid it. It’s so gross—that whole tabloid shit is
disgusting and awful. And I feel bad because sometimes people don’t
court it and they get it, and you don’t know why. People are interested
in them. Maybe they’ve become America’s sweetheart at some time, and
they have their personal life, but then people get hungry for that,
too. If you have somebody waiting outside your house for 32 hours, it
doesn’t matter how many days you’ve clocked in on the movie-star meter.
You’re still a person living your life. I can understand how that must
have been for Dylan, who’s such an icon. I’ve been fortunate enough to
mostly come out unscathed.”



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