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Paris Hilton In Bikini For Her New Headband Ad

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Paris Hilton In Bikini For Her New Headband Ad

Post  Jon Cow on Fri Mar 27, 2009 10:23 pm

Paris Hilton dons a bikini for an ad for her new headband range.

new range of headbands are the first interchangeable ones on the
market, putting Paris amongst innovative thinkers – allegedly.

Paris says, "My
goal was to bring myself and my personality to this project. I have
been wearing extensions for years, and there is nothing out there like
this product. Every woman should have one."


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Paris Hilton burger cavort crashes website Stampede to watch 'soft-core' TV ad

Post  Jon Cow on Fri Mar 27, 2009 10:27 pm

males flocking to see a controversial TV ad featuring highly-talented
heiress Paris Hilton cavorting in a bikini atop a Bentley with a
sponge, a hose and a Spicy BBQ Burger brought down the Carl's Jr. website specifically set up to promote the soft-core meatfest.

According to Reuters, the company's servers went down quicker than
Hilton herself as a stampede of men rushed to ogle the "seductive
swimsuit-clad socialite doused in suds". The offending ad - promoting
the Carl's Jr. Spicy BBQ Burger - premiered on US TV last Thursday. It
features Hilton generally making a fool of herself with the
aforementioned accessories before tucking into a juicy Carl's Jr.
burger, while singer Eleni Mandell's "sultry version of Cole Porter's
'I Love Paris' pulsates throughout". Phwooooar!

Why on earth anyone would bother checking out Paris Hilton with her
clothes on is anyone's guess, since practically every bloke on the
planet has seen her going at it like a two-bit hussy in the
highly-regarded "Paris Hilton gets naked then gets shagged senseless"
internet skinflick.

Still, Carl's Jr. will doubtless be delighted at the coverage it's been getting for the commercial - or will it? The LA Times reports
that the whole exercise may backfire on the burger chain if outraged
viewers from the Parents Television Council (PTC) manage to mobilise
themselves in defence of decency and the American way of life.

PTC research director, Melissa Caldwell, thundered: "This commercial
is basically soft-core porn. It's inappropriate for television."
Actually, she's right - it is basically soft-core porn. Whether or not
it's suitable for TV is a matter for debate and ultimately the Federal
Communications Commission.

And if the campaign does survive the onslaught of scandalised
parents, what are the other implications for Carl's Jr? Well, Peter
Sealey, adjunct marketing professor at UC Berkeley, reckons that
"although the ad might be remembered by viewers, it might ultimately
hurt the Carl's Jr. brand".

Sealy told the LA Times: "This is the ultimate in bimbo
advertising. If you are Hooters and you have buxom young waitresses,
that's fine. But Carl's Jr. is more mainstream. They've got families
going in there."

Which is, as we all know, a complete load of cobblers. Paris Hilton
gets down and dirty with a sponge, the whole thing kicks off in the
media and before you know it you've got a boardroom full of execs
looking very pleased with themselves.

Not, though, as pleased as Paris looks in the ad. As well she might - the Carl's Jr. Spicy BBQ Burger is absolutely enormous... ®️


You can judge for yourselves here. The servers were down for four hours over the weekend, Reuters says, so don't blame us if you can't get an eyeful of Paris.

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