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Maria Sharapova - Hot photos

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Maria Sharapova - Hot photos

Post  Jon Cow on Fri Mar 27, 2009 11:29 pm

Here is the ultimate collection of hot photos featuring hot female
tennis player Maria Sharapova. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Maria Sharapova has the look of movie diva

And has such natural smile

Looking sexy is so easy for Maria Sharapova

She looks great in white

Almost like an angel

Sometimes she looks so cute

and so happy

She's giving it all on court

And she's very serious when setting her mind on something

Maria Sharapova's body was made for bikini

And camera certainly loves her

She has this look of the winner

combined with incredible beauty

Maria Sharapova also knows how to entertain the crowd

White is excellent color for this Siberian queen

Pink ain't bad either

And there is also a bit of art involved

And yes Maria Sharapova is definiely in touch with her game

And she's always looking hot on the red carpet

Looking good is understatement for maria Sharapova

And her legs are definitely piece of art

Something even Michelangelo would be proud of

Maria Sharapova looks so beautiful when wind touches her hair

With this lovely smile of hers

She looked awesome in Sports Illustrated

But her game is still tennis

Although she definitely has the right body for beach

She's very powerful and has a strong serve

Maria Sharapova leaves people breathless when wearing black

Red color also looks good on her

And she even has enough class for retro style

There is also a sexy green edition

And a kiss for her fans after the victory

Everything Maria Sharapova wears on the read carpet looks stunning on her

She really is beautiful

And fans really love her

She would also make an excellent swimmer

Maria Sharapova has this gorgeous irresistible look in her eyes

Looking so hot & classy

Mirror, mirror on the wall...Yes Maria you are.

There is definitely something unique in her eyes

And she certainly isn't lacking power in her shots

Her body is perfect for this sort of outfit

And she sure knows how to move her body

She's also very beautiful when casual

This picture says more than thousand words

Nice outfit there Maria

Heck, she's always beautiful

She's very happy when winning

And she really loves those tight shirts

On the court she has the eye only for the ball

Maria Sharapova somehow manages to always look sexy

Now this is really a sight for sore eyes

And in the end can you guess what is Maria Sharapova's favorite fruit?


Jon Cow

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